Mac Miller - Diablo

Mac Miller - Diablo
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Mac Miller - Diablo
Mac Miller - Diablo
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Текст песни
 It's the rap diablo, macho when I drop flows
Bar gets raised up, it's me and Petey Pablo
Colder than gazpacho, colder than the mono
Rappin' head honcho, rockin' shows like I was Bono
I go play a couple keys on the piano
The industry a lie, all the promises were hollow
Follow me, I could show you where we be's at
How'd I get my G-pass? None of your fuckin' beeswax
These raps bring a joint together like a kneecap
Fuck the little 8 balls, show me where the ki's at
The time continuum, Mortal Kombat finish 'em
Tryna find a balance, reachin' from my equilibrium

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